About Gitnuro

Posted on April 4, 2022  •  1 minutes  • 151 words

Our goal

The main goal of Gitnuro is to provide a multiplatform open source Git client without any kind of constraint to how you can use it nor relying on web technologies.

Why do we need another git client?

That’s the first question I asked to myself! The thing is, I do everything on linux and try to use as much open source (better if it’s free/libre) but I haven’t found any FOSS git client that would allow me to do common tasks with a “modern” experience. So after searching for quite some time, I decided I wanted to create something that can be as good as closed source alternatives but being open. There are some alternative clients that I’ve tried but everytime something is missing or the UX has some big problems.


If you want to contribute with bug reporting or adding new features, check out the GitHub repository.